How do you pick your baby socks?

It is very important to choose a pair of suitable socks for your baby, and some socks can even cause harm to your baby if you wear them wrong.

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So what kind of baby socks are appropriate? The first thing to remember is that different ages and stages require different kinds of baby socks.

Before toddlerhood:

At this stage, babies can still only lie, roll over and sit in bed, and do not have the ability to stand and walk. Therefore, soft and comfortable cotton baby socks are preferred.

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After starting to toddler:

Afraid of the floor is too cold, put a pair of grippy non-slip socks is a good choice. When the baby runs happily at home, neither worry about him freezing his feet nor afraid of slipping. (But wearing shoes is not recommended to wear non-slip baby socks )

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In addition, when choosing baby socks, you should also pay attention to the three degrees of thickness, length and fit.

  • Thickness: Don’t give your baby too thick socks, it’s not good for his foot movement, and it may affect the tactile development of the soles of the feet.
  • Length: try not to choose too long, too tight sock tubes, because babies have fleshy, strong calves, long sock tubes are easy to strangle the ankles or calves, affecting blood circulation.
  • Fit: first measure the length of the baby’s feet, and then pick the appropriate sock size, too small or too large will make the baby feel ill-fitting, uncomfortable Oh.

Tips: How to measure your baby's foot length

  1.  Have your baby stand barefoot against a wall with his or her heels pressed against the wall.
  2. Take the longest toe as the apex, measure the straight line distance from the wall to this point, and the measured value is the baby’s net foot length.

Details not to be overlooked when choosing baby socks

  1. Socks with a lot of threads: these socks are not! To! Buy! The threads inside the socks may entangle the baby’s toes, causing poor blood circulation and eventually leading to necrosis.
  2. Tightness: too tight socks will strangle the baby’s calves or ankles, will not only affect the baby’s movement, but also easy to cause poor blood circulation. So when buying must pay attention to the tightness of the socks, it is best to choose a little wider to adults can be stuffed into two fingers and do not feel tight for the best.
  3. Material:The material of the socks determines the softness, breathability and comfort. When your feet are comfortable, your baby is happier to walk.
  4. Seams:Some machine-sewn socks will have a thick rib in the toe, which can be hard on the feet of adults, not to mention the delicate babies. So make sure you check the seams before choosing socks, or consider buying smooth boneless socks for your baby.

      Cotton(recommoned in all seasons):

  • Pros: lightweight and comfortable, highly absorbent, comfortable and durable to wear, hypoallergenic, breathable and odorless.
  • Cons: poor breathability, unable to effectively absorb and dissipate moisture. Absorbs foot sweat quickly, but may cause feet to become cold.

      Wool(recommoned in winter):

  • Pros:Comfortable, soft, retains heat and is breathable.
  • Cons: Irritating and may cause itching on the soles of baby’s feet

      Chemical fiber ,polyester, acrylic, (not recommoned):

  • Pros: elasticity, warmth
  • Cons: poor breathability, unable to effectively absorb and dissipate moisture.


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