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In the cold winter, wool socks are a must-have item to keep out the cold. Daily wear home models of wool socks can be, cold and warm; there are some wool socks are more professional, the soles of the feet will be environmentally friendly silicone non-slip design, when walking on the floor will not slip; outdoor wool socks are necessary equipment for outdoor sports, especially very low temperature snow mountain, only let the feet warm up, the whole body will follow the warm up.
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custom logo thermal heated winter red stripe grey thick Workload crew men work merino wool Socks

fully custom wool socks,you control all

We are professional custom socks manufacturer,you can control any steps in custom socks production lines.
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any size

kid,child,men,women,or oversized socks,all size can be customized.check our size chart or choose your own range.


normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality combed cotton.but we also provide polyester fiber,soft acrylic,100% wool Merino etc.

sock height / length

for custom wool socks,the length is crew length.but we also accept other length, such as the same design with quater size etc.

brand & logo

highlight your brand,logo,text,creative ideas on a wool boot socks.it must be cool,meaningful and interesting.try it now!

your own label & packaging

customize your socks retail packaging,print your logo or text,on the a card,tag,bag and box. it’s the best gift for parents,lovers etc.

Rib Or Arch Support

the common wool socks may slip off, but do not worry it.we can add elastic yarn on the calf ,arch or both parts to avoid this problem.

sock styles

what style are you prefer? we have produced solid colors,stripes,fruits,food,animals,geometry,dots,graffiti patterns etc. as any thing you want.

order quantity

for custom wool socks,you can start on 100 pairs.it including all steps to customize.you can add any things you want in those steps

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Winter premium marino wool micro crew socks thermal walking merino wool cycling hiking socks for men
Custom wool soft warm thermal hiking crew men work ski winter outdoor socks Trekking Hiking Wading Trail Socks
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everyone can custom wool socks

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Winter premium wool micro warm socks thermal walking,cycling,hiking socks

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Wool socks you won't want to take off,Wool Hiking Socks Warm Warm Crew Winter Boot Socks Men And Women

Personalized wool socks maintain comfort and dryness while hiking, allowing users to wear hiking shoes without feeling uncomfortable as their entire foot is smothered, and when the temperature drops a bit in the evening at the campsite, wool socks maintain a great thermostat to keep them warm during the night.

Whether you’re cycling or hiking, custom wool socks are still a must-have, especially for high-altitude trekking, with two or more days of hiking and camping trips, and are virtually irreplaceable!

what are wool socks?

Wool socks are knitted with pure wool yarn as the main raw material. Wool socks are characterized by soft handfeel, good elasticity, strong warmth, moisture absorption and breathability, so they are suitable for making a variety of styles of ankle and crew socks for men and women.

Wool is known as a living fiber with life, can “breathe”, like the skin can be exported as the body of the wet sweat, and will be the cold winter moisture blocked out. At the same time, wool socks of the same thickness lock in body heat better than cotton, linen or other synthetic fiber socks, so they have superior warmth.

However, if wool socks contain too much wool, it may lead to problems such as pilling and deformation, so the wool content in wool socks is usually controlled at 20% to 30%. But if, however, great importance is attached to the effect of keeping warmth and cold, wool socks with wool content of 60% and above are recommended. In addition, the material of wool socks may not be limited to wool, but may also include cashmere or other wool blends, which also provide excellent warmth and comfortable wearing experience.

What to look for when buying wool socks

  1. Wool content: The warmth and comfort of wool socks are directly related to the wool content. Generally speaking, the higher the wool content, the better the warmth and softness of the socks. However, it should be noted that too high wool content may lead to balling or deformation of the socks, so when buying wool socks, in addition to focusing on the wool content, but also pay attention to the content of other materials, such as polyester, spandex content. The content of a single material is too low, or too high, are not a good choice.
  2. Size and Thickness:  Choose the size and thickness that suits your foot type and the occasion. Generally speaking, the size of wool socks should be chosen according to the length and width of the foot, and should not be chosen small. At the same time, the thickness should be moderate, not only to keep warm but also not too heavy to affect the wear.
  3. Elasticity and Comfort: good wool socks should have good elasticity and comfort, can fit the contour of the foot, not easy to slip, and at the same time will not feel tight or binding when wearing.
  4. Brand and Price: choose a well-known brand or raw materials have a certificate of the business to buy wool socks, the quality is more guaranteed. In terms of price, wool socks vary depending on the material and process, but it is not recommended to choose products of substandard quality in order to pursue a low price.
  5. Consider Personal needs and Preferences: If you have a particular need for a certain color, style or function, consider these factors when purchasing as well. For example, the needs of hiking wool socks and business wool socks are very different!

Finally, it is recommended to try on or measure the length of your feet when buying wool socks to make sure they fit your feet and wear needs. Also, pay attention to how you clean and care for your wool socks to prolong their life.

Why Wool Socks Are Worth Your Money?

  • We can provide a full range of personalized customization services, from material selection to design, from production to packaging, you can add the design elements you want. Small orders can also be customized, and you can also get the competitive price from the factory.
  • Wool socks can be very good for improving, sweaty feet, athlete’s foot, trench foot, cold hands and feet and other problems. If you are suffering from these problems, please try to use our wool socks.
  • Although the price of wool socks is a little more expensive than ordinary crew socks, wool socks have excellent wear-resistant and breathable performance, which cannot be compared with ordinary cotton socks, wool socks are 4 times longer than ordinary cotton socks if they are properly maintained.
  • Very suitable for outdoor hiking, mountaineering and skiing, providing your feet with lasting warmth in cold environments. Provide full protection for your feet, improve comfort and safety during exercise. If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, please don’t miss it!

It should be noted that although wool has many advantages, some people may be allergic to it. Therefore, when choosing wool socks, it is recommended to pick according to your skin condition and comfort level. In addition, wool socks of different brands and quality may also differ in terms of warmth, moisture absorption and elasticity, and more attention and advance communication on these issues should be made when purchasing.

Ski Socks Merino Wool Over The Calf Non-Slip Cuff for Men & Women Comfortable Outdoor Hiking Socks

Ski Sports Warm Wool Socks Thickened Comfort

Breathable, comfortable and reasonably designed without abrasion, ideal for sports

Designed for high altitude mountaineering through ,snow Ski & Snowboard sports and other cold regions travel design Thickened warmth, high protection, quick-drying and breathable to meet the comfortable sports experience in snowy and cold conditions.

The basic requirements for a good pair of ski socks are: a fit that hugs the feet but doesn’t feel tight, soft-touch material that doesn’t itch, and enough cushioning to stay on the slopes all day.

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Winter classic hiking shock-absorbing mid-calf socks hiking outdoor socks wool socks

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Wool ski socks for men and women comfortable thickened warm foot outdoor hiking camping climbing snow mountain

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