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custom Luminous Socks

$1.5~$7  / Each Pair

Custom Luminous Socks(glow in the dark socks ) are one of the more popular wearing trends of the moment. The use of special fluorescent yarn can make the socks glow and shine in the dark. Usually in a fluorescent green color. Perfect for night riding, running, nightclubs, etc.
100 Pairs
Samples turning time:
7 days
as low as 1.5 USD/unit
Size info:
Size Guide
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Note: want to design it by yourself? click to download free sock template>>

How to start

Want custom luminous socks? We’ve got you covered! Just send us your logo or ideas
and we’ll take care of everything.


Send Your Ideas >>

Do you have your own logo or idea? Pls
send to us for mock-up.


Revisions Or Sample >>

Within 7 days, we will have your sample ready.
And you can request for revision if you find it unsatisfactory.


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Within 2-3 weeks, your custom luminous socks will
be ready and shipped to your destination.

Shining Luminous Compression Night Light Custom Reflective Street Sport Socks Glow In The Dark Socks For Night Safe Cycling Sock

fully custom luminous socks,you control all

We are professional custom socks manufacturer,you can control any steps in custom socks production lines.
looking forward your creative design appear in production lines

any size

Bady,child,men,women,or even oversized socks can be customized. Check our size chart or consult us for special size arrangement.


Normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality organic cotton. But we also provide polyester, nylon, and others for your choice.

sock height / length

For custom Luminous socks,the length is crew length. But we also accept other length, such as no show, crew or quarter.

brand & logo

Put your brand, logo, text, creative ideas on custom Luminous socks. It must be cool, meaningful and interesting. Try it now!

your own label & packaging

Customize your socks packaging. You can print your logo or text on a card, tag, bag and box. It would be a nice gift for family, friends, lovers and etc.

Elastic Rib Or Arch Support

Wanna extra compression and wrapping during exercise? We offer options of elastic ribs on upper part(leg) on arch support on lower part (foot). WhatsApp us for details.

sock styles

Which style do you prefer? Casual or Sporty? Looking back on our previous details, we have tried solid colors with simple logo, stripes, fruits, food, animals, geometry, dots, graffiti patterns, and etc. 

order quantity

For custom Luminous socks, you can start on 100 pairs. you would be able to experience the whole customization service. Add any logo or text as you want!

Custom Logo Reflective Socks Shining Luminous Street Night Sports Socks Reflective Cycling Sport Socks
Custom Logo Black White Grow In the Dark Luminous Sport Men Crew Socks Fashion Hip Hop Athletic Cotton Reflective Socks
Fashion Luminous socks with lights that light up Custom special yarns reflective luminous UV lighting socks
Custom Logo Reflective Socks Shining Luminous Safe Street Night Sports Socks reflective street sport socks
Custom Logo Reflective Socks Shining Luminous Safe Street Night Sports Socks reflective street sport socks
Street Trendy Glow In Dark Socks Ladies Butterfly Luminous Socks Custom Women Night Light Reflective Sport Socks

everyone can custom luminous socks

7 days to get your customize Luminous socks with factory cheap bulk price & high quality ensured

get custom luminous socks now!

Shine bright in style
Glow up your outfit with
our custom luminous socks

start your custom luminous socks

How to properly see the glow-in-the-dark effect of custom luminous socks?

This is because the socks are made of fluorescent yarn that can absorb light and glow in the dark. So a few hours before use you need to put the fluorescent socks outside in the outdoor sunlight, or under a strong light, so that the socks can fully absorb the light. Then the socks can glow properly.

So we need to do the following

Step 1: Put the luminous pattern into the sunlight or light for 5-10 minutes, the stronger the light effect is better.
Step 2: Make sure the pattern absorbs the light in the bright light light into the dark, you will see a cool Luminous effect

Custom Logo No Minimum Order Design reflective socks luminous Cotton Crew Socks

Light up the night with our custom luminous socks Fashion that shines even in the dark.

Experience the perfect blend of fashion and function with our custom luminous socks

Customization options for custom luminous socks can include different colors, patterns and designs. Some socks may have specific patterns or graphics that are enhanced by the glowing effect. If you are interested, please contact us!

Don’t worry even if you don’t have a good idea, because we have designed more than 100,000+ custom socks. So custom socks for us is like drinking a cup of coffee, simple, convenient and fast.

make your own socks

Shine bright in style Glow up your outfit with our custom luminous socks.

try it now!

Here are some suggestions that may help you to start custom luminous socks

  • Choose bold colors and designs.
  • Add a personal touch.
  • Consider the material.
  • Go for a unique style.
  • Get free design from us.

Now custom luminous socks just need 100 pairs socks. come and try it now! 

Custom Logo Sports Long Crew Spandex Fabric Men Luminous Shining Socks Cycling Reflective Running Socks Custom

get started on your free design now

over 10,000+ customers who has designed custom socks from us.

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