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custom fuzzy socks

$1.5~$7  / Each Pair

Custom fuzzy socks also called floor socks,thick thermal socks,socks that provide cozy warmth. They are usually made of fluffy wool, rabbit fur, or synthetic coral fleece. Ideal for indoor use in the cold winter months, there are cute styles, cartoon themed socks, and Christmas style socks.
100 pairs
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7 days
as low as 1.5 USD/unit
Size info:
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How to start

Want custom fuzzy socks? We’ve got you covered! Just send us your logo or ideas
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fully custom fuzzy socks,you control all

We are professional custom socks manufacturer,you can control any steps in custom socks production lines.
looking forward your creative design appear in production lines

any size

Bady,child,men,women,or even oversized socks can be customized. Check our size chart or consult us for special size arrangement.


Normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality organic cotton. But we also provide polyester, nylon, and others for your choice.

sock height / length

For custom fuzzy socks,the length is ankle length. But we also accept other length, such as no show, crew or quarter.

brand & logo

Put your brand, logo, text, creative ideas on custom fuzzy socks. It must be cool, meaningful and interesting. Try it now!

your own label & packaging

Customize your socks packaging. You can print your logo or text on a card, tag, bag and box. It would be a nice gift for family, friends, lovers and etc.

Elastic Rib Or Arch Support

wanna extra no-slip (grip socks)? We offer options of Silicone embellishment support on lower part (foot). WhatsApp us for details.

sock styles

Which style do you prefer? Casual or Sporty? Looking back on our previous details, we have tried solid colors with simple logo, stripes, fruits, food, animals, geometry, dots, graffiti patterns, and etc. 

order quantity

For custom fuzzy socks, you can start on 100 pair. you would be able to experience the whole customization service. Add any logo or text as you want!

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everyone can custom fuzzy socks

7 days to get your customize fuzzy socks with factory cheap bulk price & high quality ensured

get custom fuzzy socks now!

Give your parents, family and friends a surprise gift for Christmas

start your custom fuzzy socks

Give your friends and family a warm and cozy sock on a cold winter day!

Still worried about Christmas gifts, a pair of custom fuzzy socks, mittens, scarves, sounds like a great Christmas gift, plus your personalized message or whimsical design. It will make your friends’ eyes light up, not only bring warmth to your friends, but also deepen the relationship between you!

We can provide common jacquard knitting techniques, and embroidery techniques. You can do whatever you want on it. For example, knit your name on it, or embroider a cute cartoon design. And inlaid with sparkling rhinestones and so on. We can also provide you with a beautiful box, or a storage bag. Contact us for more information.

wholesale Make Your Logo Your Own Design Bulk Warm christmas socks custom Fuzzy Socks Women

Stable and reliable quality customized fuzzy socks, not easy to lose fur

Experience the perfect blend of warm and cozy with our fuzzy socks!

Weaving process textile density and the quality of plush raw materials, washing methods and static electricity and other reasons will affect the plush socks inevitably produce the phenomenon of hair loss, therefore, in the recommended cleaning after the use of scrubbing, scrubbing with de-static washing liquid. At the same time to buy socks with high plush density, (thickened models of fuzzy socks) are greatly reduce the phenomenon of hair loss!

fuzy socks are prone to static electricity, due to the principle of weaving, washing methods will have the phenomenon of hair loss, so it is also recommended that skin allergies and asthma should be avoided or less use of plush socks.

make your own socks

What our fuzzy socks are made from?

The materials used to make padded socks are varied, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages.

  • Wool: Cashmere is the outer layer of the goat’s hide and has excellent warmth and softness. Because cashmere fibers are thin and curly, socks made from it are not only warm, but also very comfortable to the touch. Our customized wool socks can be made with different contents according to your needs, welcome to inquire.
  • Rabbit Fur: Rabbit fur is a fine, soft fur obtained from rabbits and is also excellent for warmth and softness. Rabbit-fleece socks are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for the colder months.
  • Polyester Fiber: Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber that is commonly used to make the fleece layer of socks. It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Long Staple Cotton: Long Staple Cotton is a high quality variety of cotton with long and strong fibers. Socks made from it are not only warm, but also moisture-wicking, keeping feet dry and comfortable.


When making fuzzy socks, it is common to use a combination of these materials for optimum warmth, comfort and durability. The outer layer may be made of an abrasion-resistant, breathable synthetic blend, while the inner layer is made of soft cotton, and the fleece layer may be made of cashmere, rabbit fur, wool or polyester. This construction makes padded socks both warm and cozy, making them perfect for the colder seasons.

Which is warmer, fuzzy socks or thicker socks?

Fuzzy socks are warmer than thicker socks :

  • Material Properties: Padded socks are made of a tighter and finer material, which allows them to better retain body heat and reduce infiltration of cold air from the outside, whereas padded socks are made of a looser and thinner material, which has relatively poor warmth retention properties.
  • Air Layers: Padded socks will have more air layers inside, these air layers are able to effectively insulate the cold outside air while stopping the internal heat dissipation, while padded socks simply increase the thickness of the material and do not form an effective air layer, while losing the internal heat dissipation.

Of course, there are no absolutes, different people have different physiques and feelings. When choosing, you can buy according to your own preferences, and if you are in a cold environment for a long time, padded socks are recommended. And if you value the durability of socks more, padded socks may be a good choice.

Please note that the following habits may reduce the warmth of fuzzy socks.

  • Incorrect Washing:Bleach or strong chemical detergents, washing socks, rubbing socks too hard when washing. Keep them in the sun.
  • Using it For a Long Time:Do not continuously wear the same pair of padded socks, should be prepared to wear a few pairs of rotation, so that the socks also have the opportunity to “air”, to maintain its warmth.
  • Unhealthy Habits:Wet, damp feet or feet with athlete’s foot can allow bacteria to spread in the sock, leading to the development of foot ailments and reducing the warmth of the sock.
  • Walking on Rough, Sharp Surfaces:Fuzzy socks can lose their warmth quickly if they are scratched.

By avoiding these bad habits, you can effectively prolong the warmth of your padded socks and make them serve you better in the cold season. At the same time, choosing padded socks that are of good quality and made of good materials is also the key to ensuring that the warmth will last for a long time. Welcome to contact us for customized fuzzy socks

Treat your feet to the comfort experience with our custom fuzzy socks

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Here are some suggestions that may help you to start custom fuzzy socks

  • Choose bold colors and designs.
  • Add a personal touch.
  • Consider the material.
  • Go for a unique style.
  • Get free design from us.

Now custom fuzzy socks just need 100 pairs socks. come and try it now!

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