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custom football socks

$1.5~$7  / Each Pair

We offer two kinds of custom football socks, knee-high professional football sports socks, these socks are suitable for professional athletes to wear, the knee-high length can be fitted with leg braces, which can protect the knee calf and ankle well. The mid-through football sports socks, on the other hand, are more focused on leisure and recreational sports. Both have basic non-slip rubber pads and breathable properties. Customised patterns, branding and logos are well displayed on these socks. There is no minimum order quantity, so come and try them out!
100 Pairs
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7 days
as low as 1.5 USD/unit
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Want custom football socks? We’ve got you covered! Just send us your logo or ideas
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fully custom football socks,you control all

We are professional custom socks manufacturer,you can control any steps in custom socks production lines.
looking forward your creative design appear in production lines

any size

bady,child,men,women,or oversized socks,all size can be customized.check our size chart or choose your own range.


normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality combed cotton.but we also provide polyester fiber,soft acrylic,etc.

sock height / length

for custom football socks,the length is crew length.but we also accept other length, such as the same design with long/short size etc.

brand & logo

highlight your brand,logo,text,creative ideas on a custom football must be cool,meaningful and interesting.try it now!

your own label & packaging

customize your socks retail packaging,print your logo or text,on the a card,tag,bag and box. it’s the best gift for parents,lovers etc.

Rib Or Arch Support

the common socks may slip off, but do not worry it.we can add elastic yarn on the calf ,arch or both parts to avoid this problem.

sock styles

what style are you prefer? we have produced solid colors,stripes,fruits,food,animals,geometry,dots,graffiti patterns etc. as any thing you want.

order quantity

for custom football socks,you can start on 100 including all steps to can add any things you want in those steps

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Non-slip Solid Color Polyester Football Socks In Stock Custom Logo Knee Long Soccer Socks
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Wholesale Custom Logo Grip Sport Sock Upgraded Professional Non-Slip Football Sock Long Compression Knee High Soccer Socks
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Custom Football Socks Cotton Men Sport Long Socks Over Knee High Soccer Grip Socks

everyone can custom football socks

7 days to get your customize football socks with factory cheap bulk price & high quality ensured

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Teamwork starts from the ground up, with our high-performance football socks

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Is it better to have long football socks or medium football socks?

The difference between football socks long and medium is mainly in terms of length, in fact, there is not much difference, and there is no such thing as which one is better, it mainly depends on which length of football socks you wear to play football more comfortably, but depending on the applicable occasions, the choice of football socks will usually be different:

1, in general, long football socks are more suitable for formal on the field to play the game, because playing football games to be more intense, sweat is also more, sweat-absorbing good, comprehensive protection of long football socks is more appropriate; and to wear leg protection, you must wear long football socks, or socks tube length is not enough, fixed can not protect the leg.

2, in the usual training to play football, wear mid-calf football socks more appropriate, not so long to wear up more comfortable, intense degree is not so big, do not have to worry about the protection of the place will be easy to get hurt.

In addition, if you are playing football in winter, it is better to wear long football socks to keep you warm, whether you are training or playing a match. Mid-calf socks can’t hold the calf pads due to their length.

Custom logo cotton sports socks soccer anti slip grip running football grip socks

Fashion and function custom football socks : Elevate your team's style and performance

Professional soccer socks offer several advantages that help improve the comfort, performance and overall experience of players on the field.

For players, it is very important to choose the right size and style of professional football socks that suit their preferences and provide the necessary support for their feet, non-slip(grip socks), breathable, sweat-absorbent and comfortable. This directly affects the stability and durability of each player in each game.

Purchasing high-quality, well-fitting custom football socks designed specifically for this sport can significantly improve an athlete’s performance, reduce the risk of injury, and contribute to a positive overall athletic experience.come and try it now!

make your own socks

Why do all the World Cup players wear long length soccer socks

  • Securing shin guards. A shin guard is a hard plate that is strapped to the front of the lower leg, and a long soccer sock wraps around and secures the shin guard so that it fits more snugly around the lower leg. And FIFA has made the use of shin guards mandatory for 11-a-side soccer ‼️
  • Helps the legs to power up. Long soccer socks are often designed to be very tight with compression, which helps to tighten the calf muscles, making the player more efficient in powering up and reducing the risk of strains.
  • Absorb sweat and stay dry. Sweat produced during exercise can be absorbed by long soccer socks, helping players stay dry and comfortable.
  • Reduce friction and risk of injury. Especially for sports on grass, long socks reduce friction between the leg and the grass

The best performance presenter of soccer socks- custom soccer Grip socks 

The perfect showcase for customized logos and anti-slip performance

Every time we watch a soccer match, we can see the athletes wearing uniform uniforms in unison, dashing and scrambling on the green field to show off their style. In addition to the uniform, the long soccer socks are also very eye-catching!

  • These good-looking socks, not only has a beautiful color and the logo of the respective team, at the same time, socks selection design also has a big article.
  • First of all, the selection of materials is basically the use of high-quality long-staple cotton, and cotton content are more than 85%, there is a very good moisture wicking function, wear this socks to play soccer, there will be no airtight, stuffy feet, socks wet da da problem.
  • The socks are made of high-grade Lycra elastic, which is very elastic, moderately loose and full of wrapping feeling, neither too tight to produce strangulation marks nor too loose to lead to slippage.
  • The knee-length socks give us more room for personalized creations, so we can put whatever we want to show.
  • The bottom of the towel sole can effectively strengthen the thickness of the foot, play a shock absorbing and protective effect on the foot, in the process of kicking the ball in a sharp turn and stop, speed change direction, the sole part of the foot and the friction of the sole, it is not easy to blisters, calluses, etc., so that we have a more comfortable feeling.
  • The last is the contact surface with the shoes, the use of dot-matrix, non-slip rubber embellishment, so that we will not have uncomfortable feet in the process of kicking the ball for a long time, socks shift and other issues.

To learn more about our custom grip socks, click to see that we can also customize non-slip cycling socks, non-slip trampoline socks, non-slip basketball socks and more.

Wear your football socks this way for better protection

As we all know, wearing socks is a daily routine for soccer players, but are you wearing the right socks?

First of all, you need to prepare the following equipment: a pair of soccer socks, a pair of soccer socks, a pair of scissors, a pair of shin guards, and a pair of soccer garters. A pair of Leg sleeve .

  1. Put on the soccer grip socks.
  2. Put on the leg sleeve.
  3. insert the shin guards.
  4. Cut the long soccer socks at the ankle and remove the ankle part.
  5. then put on the long soccer socks.
  6. Use soccer sock tape to secure the sock at the ankle, and at the knee.
  7. After adjustments are made, it’s time to get on the game.

Fashionable Football Socks With Black ,White Classic Colors For Men

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Here are some suggestions that may help you to start custom football socks

  • Choose bold colors and designs.
  • Add a personal touch.
  • Consider the material.
  • Go for a unique style.
  • Get free design from us.

Now custom football socks just need 100 pairs socks. come and try it now! 

img-custom football Socks

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