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custom dress socks

$1.5~$7  / Each Pair

Custom dress socks are a unique way to show your style and personality. just show me your design, logo, or text.. and it can be a perfect promotional item or gifts. With high-quality materials and comfortable fit, custom socks are not only stylish but also functional. com and try it now!
100 Pairs
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OEM Design Your Own Fancy Novelty Embroidery Sock Men Pattern Logo Chaussettes Customize Cotton Unisex Crew Logo Socks

fully custom dress socks,you control all

We are professional custom socks manufacturer,you can control any steps in custom socks production lines.
looking forward your creative design appear in production lines

any size

Bady,child,men,women,or even oversized socks can be customized. Check our size chart or consult us for special size arrangement.


Normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality organic cotton. But we also provide polyester, nylon, and others for your choice.

sock height / length

For custom logo socks,the length is crew length. But we also accept other length, such as no show, ankle or quarter.

brand & logo

Put your brand, logo, text, creative ideas on custom dress socks. It must be cool, meaningful and interesting. Try it now!

your own label & packaging

Customize your socks packaging. You can print your logo or text on a card, tag, bag and box. It would be a nice gift for family, friends, lovers and etc.

Elastic Rib Or Arch Support

Wanna extra compression and wrapping during exercise? We offer options of elastic ribs on upper part(leg) on arch support on lower part (foot). WhatsApp us for details.

sock styles

Which style do you prefer? Casual or Sporty? Looking back on our previous details, we have tried solid colors with simple logo, stripes, fruits, food, animals, geometry, dots, graffiti patterns, and etc. 

order quantity

For custom dress socks, you can start on 100 pair. you would be able to experience the whole customization service. Add any logo or text as you want!

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everyone can custom dress socks

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Custom dress socks the perfect accessory for any occasion.

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Maybe you need custom dress socks right now

Custom dress socks are versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions, including corporate events, sports teams, weddings, charity events, employee gifts, branding, and personalized gifts. They allow individuals and organizations to express their unique style and identity while providing comfort and functionality.

The lowest wholesale price for custom socks also can be provided.and it can be shipped to most countries. you can track any steps in the production lines. the video or photos will be update any time base our strict production line.

Wholesale Customized High Quality Crazy Unisex Colorful Dress Custom Design Novelty Crew Cotton Mens Funny Socks

Your socks, your way create your own design!

You can do anything your want on the custom dress socks

we are custom dress socks manufacturer. so we can control all steps in custom socks production lines.whether it is custom dress socks template design, material selection,
color matching. Or packaging design. even price-wise. We can provide you with the most competitive service in the market.

Don’t worry even if you don’t have a good idea, because we have designed more than 100,000+ custom socks. So custom socks for us is like drinking a cup of coffee, simple, convenient and fast.

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The Gentleman's School of Tailored Suits | Are you wearing the right dress socks today?

Socks may be a very unnoticed clothing category for guys, and I’m afraid the degree of importance is still below that of underwear. However, underwear is normally not seen, but socks, the probability of being seen, should be more than 90%.

Of course, this means that the socks are particularly eye-catching, and if you just wear black socks, they are often “invisible”. For people who like to wear suits, especially suits, there is a standard answer to the question of sock length: dress socks

So what kind of dress socks can we offer you?

  • Dress socks with Stripes:People’s eyes will always be attracted by the details, with a pair of carefully selected socks, are able to achieve the kind of half-covered, inadvertently revealing the personality of the fashionable choice. And stripes, will be in the color combination to achieve a surprising effect, and monotonous dark suit to match, not funny but show personal interest.
  • Dress socks with Plaid / Polka Dot: These socks are the most common among the short socks, relatively mature and steady, also suitable for all kinds of occasions to wear, including formal wear, both steady and bright. Through the socks can completely reflect a person’s fashion skills, every detail to the ultimate care.
  • Dress socks with Solid color: If you are tired of black and white, you can try to usually want to wear dare not wear bright colors, like pink and red, if used in a large area of the jacket or pants will look very eye-catching, with not good easily will be rustic, and the use of these jumping colors in the socks, it will be much easier, but also adds a lot of fun.
  • Dress socks with Personalized pattern: this range is relatively wide, and there are some merchants will do not have the goods more low, so be careful in the choice of some, although the weekday wear occasions are not much, but in some festivals or parties or can be a small show a “hand”, the so-called details set the success of the failure of the perfect dress up or down in the details of the full effort! The perfect outfit is all about the details. If you need, you can take a look at our customized logo socks!

Of course our styles are not limited to these types and styles, custom dress socks can also have the breathability and cushioning of sport socks, the non-slip grip socks, the color of printed socks, and the sophistication of embroidered socks.

Why are dress socks the standard answer?

From there are two reasons, both from a practicality standpoint.

  • It won’t fall off: the reason it won’t fall off is because the sock cuff is on top of the thickest part of the leg, so on the one hand, it won’t be held up abnormally large and loose, and on the other hand, even if the elasticity isn’t perfect anymore, it won’t fall off because it’s being held up by the calf’s tummy. I’m sure anyone who cares about socks not piling up around their ankles has had the experience of seeing and then organizing them.
  • Don’t show your sexy leg hair: There is an accompanying idea to suits as formal wear, and that is not to show the skin of your body, and this certainly does not include your face or hands. If we wear regular athletic socks, when we sit down, the suit pants will naturally go up a bit and the skin of our legs will show. And if people have the habit of crossing their legs, the area exposed will be even larger. Of course, mid-calf socks, that is, socks that come up to the calf’s stomach, can basically fulfill this covering function.

I remember the first time I had a discussion with someone on the subject of sock length, the other person was wearing stockings, Over The Calf, and not only that, he was using garters, which were designed to keep the socks from falling down.

I was very much in denial, thinking that such long socks were only for girls. But when I did experience them, I completely fell in love and wore them all day and never saw a stack of socks around my ankles that I never had to use to organize again.

Another added benefit is that it keeps you warm.

There is a flirtation that there is no place for fall pants in the fashion world, and those who like to wear western-style pants are also likely not to wear fall pants, mainly because of the static electricity that makes western-style pants do not drape, not to mention talking about the line of the pants. This kind of long socks, if also relatively thick, then for all of you type of men, is simply a winter boon.

Guide to matching suits and dress socks

How to wear a suit in a dignified yet stylish way? In addition to the accessories such as tie, scarf and brooch, a pair of excellent socks is also a very important factor. By a pair of eye-catching socks, you can easily light up the whole body modeling, and today we share three kinds of socks selection techniques, so that you can easily overcome the suit wearing socks with the problem!

First of all, I would like to talk to you about common sense. When you wear a suit for a formal occasion, you should choose the color of the socks that is the same color as the suit as your first choice. The same color socks can avoid the embarrassing problem of showing your legs when you sit down, and the same color socks can also help modify your legs and make your whole body look slimmer.

  • dress socks in the same color as suit pants make it easy for a man to wear a dignified and calm formal look!
  • Pairing black dress socks with a black suit is definitely not an option for formal occasions!

But it’s never allowed to be worn like this.”Suit with stockings of any color. & white color dress socks”

Here’s today’s topic, how to match the colored socks?

  • ❖ Tie in the same color as the socks ❖: Pair a tie of the same color with colored dress socks for a more coherent look! The whole body look is more lively and not dull! Successfully make the whole look more interesting and harmonious! Energetic.
  • ❖ Shirt and socks melting style❖: Want to mix and match in the suit inside the colored socks to wear out the characteristics of the first shirt color to find inspiration, a simple example, black and white checkered shirt with the same black and white color geometric lines socks, eye-catching black and white elements will be lined with light blue suit is more bright and energetic!
  • ❖ Matching your gentleman’s accessories ❖: For example, the horizontally striped red socks and the red corsage on the chest, echoing up and down, set off the all-blue ensemble in an outstandingly stylish way. The red socks with the red bowtie pattern, the distinctive color scheme makes the look more distinctive, and the socks with the same fine pattern as the pocket scarf are embellished from the bottom, which is subtle and elegant.

Socks in beautiful colors give the impression of freedom but not indulgence, seriousness but not constraint. All you need to break out of a dull outfit is a pair of brightly colored custom dress socks. There are thousands of kinds of socks, but remember that socks with suits are not only black, gray !

easy way to show your style and creativity

try it now!

Usually the custom dress socks ideas are from Custom Portraits,Favorite Quote,Cartoon Characters,Sports Teams,Custom Patterns,Personalized Messages,Nature Scenes,Custom Emoji,Favorite Food,Musical Inspiration…

Choose one of your favorite, most concerned, and favorite things in your daily life to create this custom socks, it must be impressive.

Now custom the dress socks just need 100 pairs socks. come and try it now! 

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