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Custom Cycling Socks

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Custom cycling socks are bike socks designed specifically for the outdoor cyclist enthusiast. They offer benefits such as comfort, wicking, quick drying and reduced muscle fatigue. Depending on the time of day and scenario, the fabrics and construction used vary, such as reflective materials, breathable mesh, moisture wicking, padding and cushioning, compression, fatigue reduction and a host of other designs to help riders ride better.
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any size

Bady,child,men,women,or even oversized socks can be customized. Check our size chart or consult us for special size arrangement.


Normally, the socks will be knitted by high-quality organic cotton. But we also provide polyester, nylon, and others for your choice.

sock height / length

For custom cycling socks,the length is crew length. But we also accept other length, such as no show, ankle or quarter.

brand & logo

Put your brand, logo, text, creative ideas on custom cycling socks. It must be cool, meaningful and interesting. Try it now!

your own label & packaging

Customize your socks packaging. You can print your logo or text on a card, tag, bag and box. It would be a nice gift for family, friends, lovers and etc.

Elastic Rib Or Arch Support

Wanna extra compression and wrapping during exercise? We offer options of elastic ribs on upper part(leg) on arch support on lower part (foot). WhatsApp us for details.

sock styles

Which style do you prefer? Casual or Sporty? Looking back on our previous details, we have tried solid colors with simple logo, stripes, fruits, food, animals, geometry, dots, graffiti patterns, and etc. 

order quantity

For custom cycling socks, you can start on 100 pairs. you would be able to experience the whole customization service. Add any logo or text as you want!

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7 days to get your customize ankle socks with factory cheap bulk price & high quality ensured

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Why do I need a pair of custom cycling socks?

Wearing cycling socks has many benefits for cyclists. The following are some of the main advantages:

  • Moisture wicking: Cycling socks are designed to wick sweat and moisture away from the feet to help keep them dry. This reduces the risk of blisters and discomfort caused by moisture.
  • Temperature regulation: Many cycling socks are designed with breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate around the foot. This helps regulate temperature and prevents overheating during intense rides or hot weather.
  • Reduces chafing and blistering: Riding socks with seamless construction or flat seams minimize chafing and rubbing against the skin. This can significantly reduce problems such as blisters
  • Muscle Support: Cycling socks use compression technology to provide gentle compression and support for the foot and lower leg. Compression socks enhance blood circulation, reduce muscle vibration and improve overall muscle efficiency and recovery.
  • Style and Visibility: Cycling socks are available in a variety of colors, patterns and designs that allow cyclists to express their personal style and match their riding gear. In addition, some socks incorporate reflective elements or vibrant colors to improve visibility on the road and increase safety, especially in low light conditions.
Custom Cycling Socks High Quality Socks Cycling Nylon Coolmax compression cycling socks custom

Sport the perfect balance of performance and fashion with our crazily awesome custom cycling socks!

how to design the custom cycling socks?

  • Performance Features: Functional features: Common cycling socks have the following functions, such as breathable mesh, compression function, underfoot cushioning function, and nighttime reflection.
  • Color and pattern selection: Colors and patterns: Choose an appropriate color, such as the one that appears inside the logo, or a color that the customer likes. Design reasonable stripes, graphics, text and other elements according to the customer’s logo or text and other information to match the theme color to make the cycling socks more distinctive.
  • Select materials and construction: Material and structure: polyester-cotton blend mixed material if you like moisture wicking and sweat wicking, polyester and other wear-resistant materials if you like abrasion resistance. The structure can be flexibly designed in different lengths, such as ankle socks, calf socks, etc.

Don’t worry even if you don’t have a good idea, because we have designed more than 100,000+ custom socks. So custom socks for us is like drinking a cup of coffee, simple, convenient and fast.

make your own socks

Materials used in our custom cycling socks

The recommended materials for road bike socks mainly include polyester, nylon, lycra spandex, nylon, coolmax, Bamboo charcoal yarn,and so on. These materials have different properties to meet the needs of cycling socks in terms of moisture absorption, perspiration, abrasion resistance and non-deformation.

  • Both polyester and coolmax have good moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, which effectively absorbs sweat produced by the feet and quickly drains away, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Nylon is characterized by its high mechanical strength and toughness, which increases the durability and elasticity of cycling socks and reduces wear and tear during cycling.
  • Lycra spandex is known for its excellent elasticity and recovery properties, ensuring that cycling socks retain their original shape and comfort after a long ride.
  • Bamboo charcoal is a purely natural product, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects, with moisture absorption, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and other properties, can further improve the comfort and health performance of cycling socks

When choosing cycling socks, it is recommended to select them according to personal needs and preferences, combined with the material description and performance characteristics of the product. It is also important to pay attention to aspects such as breathability and anti-slip properties of the product to ensure comfort and safety during riding. Of course, we can also develop a customized plan for you according to your needs. We welcome your inquiry.

What are the general types of cycling socks?

1.Categorized by length:

  1. Crew cycling socks: their length usually sits at the belly of the calf and wraps around the calf muscle, making them great for general cycling activities.
  2. Knee high cycling socks:These socks are longer and some styles even wrap around the full calf. Thigh-high socks provide more protection and support while riding, especially in emergencies, and can prevent knocks and injuries at the ankle and calf.

2.Categorized by applicable scenarios:

  1. Daily riding socks: suitable for daily short-distance riding, focusing on comfort and breathability.
  2. Professional cycling socks: suitable for long-distance riding or professional competitions, focusing on shock absorption, anti-skid and wear-resistant performance.

When choosing custom cycling socks, in addition to considering their type, you should also choose the right socks based on your riding habits, riding environment and needs. For example, for people who ride for a long time or in rugged terrain, it would be more appropriate to choose cycling socks with good shock absorption properties. At the same time, the material, breathability and anti-slip properties of the socks should also be taken into consideration.

If it's a long-sleeved jersey should the cycling socks be on the inside or the outside?

Riding socks should be worn inside riding pants. This is because wearing cycling socks inside cycling pants provides better protection and comfort. Cycling socks are often designed to be moisture wicking, abrasion resistant, and non-deformable. Wearing them inside your cycling pants will allow them to perform their function better, keep your feet dry and comfortable, and reduce friction and abrasion.

At the same time, if cycling socks are worn outside of cycling pants, they may increase the exposed area of the socks, making them more likely to absorb water when riding in the rain, leading to accelerated cooling of the feet. In addition, some cycling pants are designed with zippers on the legs, and wearing cycling socks inside the pants can avoid direct contact between the zipper and the skin and improve the wearing experience.

Therefore, for the best riding experience and comfort, it is recommended to wear cycling socks inside cycling pants.

Fuel your passion for riding with socks that blend sport, fashion, and a touch of wildness!

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Here are some suggestions that may help you to start custom cycling sock

  • Choose bold colors and designs.
  • Add a personal touch.
  • Consider the material.
  • Go for a unique style.
  • Get free design from us.

Now custom cycling socks just need 100 pairs socks. come and try it now!

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